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5KW TV transmitter

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1.      Combined vision-sound amplification, wide band, high-linear, being able to apply to analogue & digital transmitter including HDTV TX.

2.      New-style professional TV exciter with perfect non-linearity pre-correction function, all that can be finished on the panel.  

3.      Perfect self-check function of the PA offering state display with LED.

4.      Hot-plug design for PA, power supplies (that is, the PA and power supply can be replaced during broadcasting)

5.      Perfect protection set for the overall transmitter, such as over-voltage, over-current, overheat and over-reflection etc.

6.      New type output filter, greatly eliminated the out-of-band unwanted emission.

7.      Adopted SMT at the low level circuit of the exciter, PA, and system’s monitoring circuit.

8.      Multiple-measure of thunder-proof.

9.      Powerful function of the microprocessor monitoring system is able to operate at manual control mode by button or keyboard, or interface control mode through parallel or serial interface-RF485 or RS232.

10. Adopted several high gain FPAs to combine directly instead of conventional used 1 common IPA to drive several FPAs and combine, to overcome the bottleneck (the weakness IPA) effect.



l        System standard                  PAL. NTSC , SECAM ( specified)

l        Type of emission                  Vision: C3F; Sound: F3E

l        Operating frequency               Any appointed TV channel within band /bandIII

l        Output power                     5KW(peak sync)

l        Vision carrier frequency stability     ±300Hz/3 month

l        Sound carrier frequency stability    ±50Hz/3 month (relative to vision carrier)

l        Vision/sound power ratio           10:1

l        Output impedance                50Ω, output connector 3-1/8” flange

l        In band intermodulation            50dB

l        Return loss                       26dB


l        Mains power supply                3-phase 4-line  380V±76

l        Environment temperature                      10~35  ( normal)

                   5~40 ( permit work)

l        Relative humidity:                                      45~75%           

                   95% ( permit to work , non-freeze)

l        Air pressure:                                               86-106KPa   

l        Cooling                            Forced air

l        Dimensions (w×d×h)             812×1522×1900(PA CABINET)

                   570×830×1900(EXCITER RACK)


l        Video input                       1Vp-p±3dB

l        Input impedance                           75Ω,BNC

l        Amplitude VS frequency response    can meet National standard

Table 1












limit dB







Lower limit dB









l        Group dealy frequency response           ±45nS      0.25~5.5MHz

l        2TK factorKp                         2%

l        video output power change               0.25dB

l        Brightness nonlinear distortion             7%

l        DG                                    3%

l        DP                                         ±3                                                    

l        Inner-modulator                                  -55dB                                                     

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