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10KW TV transmitter

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1. New high linearity PA modules, being able to apply to analogue & digital transmitter including HDTV TX.
2. High efficient for the use of new-style professional TV exciter with perfect non-linearity pre-correction function, all that can be finished on the panel.
3. Adopted several high gain FPAs to combine directly instead of conventional used 1 common IPA to drive several FPAs and combine, to overcome the bottleneck (the weakness IPA) effect.
4. Perfect self-check function of the PA offering state display with LED.
5. Swop connections between PA, power supplies, power combiner and cabinet, and be able to hot swap, that is, the PA and power supply can be replaced during broadcasting.
6. Perfect protection set for the overall transmitter, such as over-voltage, over-current, overheat and over-reflection etc.
7. New type output filter, greatly eliminated the out-of-band unwanted emission.
8. Adopted SMT at the low level circuit of the exciter, PA, and system's monitoring circuit.
9. Multiple-measure of thunder-proof.
10. Powerful function of the microprocessor monitoring system is able to operate at manual control mode by button or keyboard, or interface control mode through parallel or serial interface-RF485 or RS232.
11. Excellent performance of the equipment
12. Two 5KW PA cabinets combine to 10KW PA,  thus all the air-cooling, distribution and the PA monitor etc. all are designed redundant.



System standard                          PAL, NTSC or specified

Operating frequency                       VHF/UHF can be specified as any channel

Output power                             10kW

Frequency stability                                                 ±300Hz/3month

Environment temperature                                     5°C ~ +40  °C

Air pressure                                                             86~106kpa

Relative humidity                                                   ≤95%

Power supply                                                          380  ±76V/50Hz, 3 phase 4 lines

Cool                                                                          forced air

Size                                                                           812*1522*1900 ( AMP cabinet)×1

                                                                                   570*830*1900 ( exciter cabinet)×1

Video characteristic

Input level                                                                1Vp-p±3dB

Input impedance                                                    75 ohm

Amplitude VS frequency Response                   can meet national standard

Group delay frequency response                        ±45nS

2TK factor                                                                 ≤ 2%

DG                                                                             ≤ 3%

DP                                                                             ±3°

Periodic disturbance S/N ratio                             ≥ 50db

Stochastic Sundry wave S/N ratio                       ≥50db


Sound characteristic                           

Input level                                                                0dbm± 6db

Input impedance                                                    600ohm balance

Frequency deviation                                              ±50Hz

audio harmonic distortion                                     40Hz ~ 15KHz

Frequency response                                              40Hz ~ 15KHz

FM S/N ratio                                                             ≥ 60db

Synchro  AM modulation                                    ≤ -40db

Inter-carrier Noise S/N ratio                                  ≥ 46db


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