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( CH1-CH2)
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Directional antenna. Signal panel can be used. It can also be made up the matrix of antenna according to the request for weak direction, strong direction and omni pattern. Horizontal installation can be 2 faces, 3 faces and 4 faces. To improve gain, single panel can be increased for vertical plane


Main Specification:

1.      Frequency range               48.5-64.5 MHz

2.      VSWR at input                    1.08

3.      Impedance                          50 ohm   

4.      Polarization                         horizontal polarization

5.      Input connector                 as specified

6.      Power:                                 100W ~ 40KW

7.      Wind speed                        36m/s

8.      Weight                                 75kg

9.      Size                                     1800*3500mm / 1600*3200mm

10. Material                               stainless steel

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