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Brief introduction:
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1.       5.7” LCD in front of panel. Powerful function of the microprocessor monitoring system is able to operate at manual control mode by button or keyboard, or interface control mode through parallel or serial interface-RF485 or RS232.

2.       Dual FM exciters configuration with automatic switchover.

3.       Intelligent and high gain MOSFET power amplifier modules with small size .

4.       Modular construction, hot plug-in replacement, easy maintenance, short MTTR.

5.       Excellent versatile power amplifier modules available for 5KW-30KW transmitters.

6.       Each amplifier is equipped with separated switch power supply, each one can be hot plug-in and on-line maintenance.  High stable DC voltage output within fluctuation ±15% of outside power supply. It fits for the areas that Electric Network Fluctuation is not stable.

7.       The main units of transmitter are processed by thee protections for humidity, corrosion and mildew, suitable for all adverse circumstances.

8.       High reliability. Multi-protections against over voltage, over current, excessive temperature, high VSWR and lightning.

9.       The transmitter will continue to work with high output power in case one or two amplifiers fault. LCD can display each amplifier’s parameters, such as voltage, current, forward power, reflective power, temperature of heatsink, unbalance power etc.

10.  Force air-cooling system

Main Specifications:


Operating frequency

87.5  to 108MHz 

Out power

5KW / 10KW

Out put connector

 1-5/8” or 3-1/8” EIA ( can be specified)

Permitted  carrier frequency deviation


Output power stability


RF output impedance


Frequency deviation for 100% modulation


Maximum modulation capability


Spurious emission


Audio input impedance

600Ω balanced or 10kΩ selectable

Audio input level

 -6dBm  to 9dBm adjustable


≥ 65dB @ 1kHz, 100% modulation

Spurious AM noise (unmodulated)

≤ -55dB

Frequency response

±0.5dB @ 30Hz to 15kHz

Harmonic distortion




Pilot frequency


Modulation of pilot

8 to 10%

Level difference between L & R channel

< 0.2dB 

Separation of L & R channel

≥ 48dB @ 30Hz to 15kHz

Mono nonlinear distortion

< 0.2%

Sub-carrier suppression

≥ 46dB

Mains power supply

AC 3-phase 380V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz

( or according to client’s requirement)

Ambiant conditions


Relative humidity                                

Air pressure                                         


0 to +40

≤ 90%

86kpa to 106kpa


Forced air

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