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Brief introduction:
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1.    Exciter is 20W , driver is 250W for TF(S)-3000.

2.    TF(S)-3000 has 8 * 600W amplifier module ( 4 pcs BLF177 MosFets each ) with separate power supply for each module assured the highest redundancy and the uninterrupted service at half power when amplification stages or power supply faults.

3.    Perfect design for cooling system guarantee lower heating and high reliability.

4.    Full protection functions, such as over temperature, over voltage, over current, VSWR etc.

5.    Wide Band. No adjustments are required for the full power operation in the 87~108MHz band.

6.    Front panel meter continuously display output power, reflected power, power supply voltage and power supply current.

7.    Meets or exceeds international standards for safety and electrical specifications.

Main Specifications:

1.        Frequency range:                       87 MHz ~ 108 MHz

                                                        (10 KHz for each step)

2.        Output power:                                      3000W (adjustable)

3.        Output connector:                    7/8“ Flange or specified

4.        Secondary harmonics:                      meets or exceeds all FCC and CCIR standard

5.        S/N ratio:                                               >65 dB (pre-emphasis 50us)

6.        Distortion:                                             <0.1% (@F=75 KHz, f=1 KHz)

7.        Audio input:                                         0 dBm / + 10 dBm

8.        Frequency response:                         0.2 dB (40 Hz ~ 15 KHz, @F=75 KHz )

9.        Separation:                                 >50 dB (40 Hz ~ 15 KHz)

10.  Power supply:                                       AC380V` 10% 3 phase 50Hz / 60Hz

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