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u      Exciter is TF(S)-20( the newest type, SMT technology).

u      Newest Phillips MosFET 8 Pcs BLF177 are used to assure the highest redundancy.

u      Wide Band. No adjustments are required for the full power operation in the 87~108MHz band.

u      Full protection functions, such as over temperature, over voltage, over current, VSWR etc.

u      Front panel meter continuously display output power, reflected power, power supply voltage and power supply current.

u      Modular circuit is used for easy maintenance.

u      Meets or exceeds international standards for safety and electrical specifications.


Main Specifications:

1.        Frequency range:                        87 MHz ~ 108 MHz (10 KHz for each step)

2.        Output power:                               500W (adjustable)

3.        Output connector:                        7/8” EIA or specified

4.        Secondary harmonics:               meets or exceeds all FCC and CCIR standard

5.        S/N ratio:                                        >65 dB (pre-emphasis 50us)

6.        Distortion:                                      <0.1% (@F=75 KHz, f=1 KHz)

7.        Audio input:                                  0 dBm / + 10 dBm

8.        Frequency response:                  0.2 dB (40 Hz ~ 15 KHz, @F=75 KHz )

9.        Separation:                                   >50 dB (40 Hz ~ 15 KHz)

10.    Power supply:                              AC 110V / 220V ` 10%      50Hz / 60Hz

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