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1KW DTV transmitter

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DIGITAL TV transmitter
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1.        Operating band: 470-860MHz, operating bandwidth 6MHz/7MHz/8MHz ( optional).

2.        Supports DTMB, CMMB, DVB-T/H, ATSC, ISDB, Media-FLO etc.

3.        Applies to MFN, SFN terrestrial TV broadcasting

4.        Excellent digital precorrection technology

5.        LDMOS high power RF PA ( class AB), high linearity and high-gain, high efficiency of overall transmitter.

6.        The maximum output power of transmitter can up to 5kwrms.

7.        High reliability , 24 hours continuous operation

8.        Modular structure, easy to maintain

9.        Liquid cooled PA module, 500W output, modular structure, hot-pluggable PA, easy installation and maintenance

10.    Embedded PC monitoring system, truecolor screen display, touch screen operation, optional menu in English.

11.    Several kinds of interfaces RS232/RS485/RJ45, etc., easy to connect with other equipment for monitoring and networking

12.    Multiple/multi-stage measures of lightening-proof

13.    Powerful self-protection functions, including overcurrent, overvoltage, overdrive, etc

14.    19” standard cabinet (height:1.9m), compact structure, small volume and light weight.


Technical specifications:

TV standard:                                         according with digital standard

Working frequency:                              Any appointed UHF channel

Bandwidth:                                            6MHz/7MHz/8MHz

Frequency stability:                              with GPS 1*10-9 / without GPS 1*10-7

Frequency precision:                             1Hz step

Input code stream:                                DVB/MPEG-2 or H.264

Input interface :                                           ASI 75ohm BNC

GPS frequency reference input:          10MHz BNC 50ohm

DGPS time reference input:                  1pps  BNC TTL

RF output load impedance  :              50ohm

Reflective loss:                                       Normal operation   ≤-32dB    

Allowable operation: ≤ -20dB

Output power:                                       600W-5KW

Out-of-band unwanted Emission :       better than -60db

Should level:                                         better than -36dB

Harmonic emission:                               better than -60dB

In-band fluctuation;                               ≤±0.5dB

MER :                                                    better than 32db

Network  :                                           supports MFN or SFN

Control interface;                                   RS422/485/R45

Environment temperature:                    0~45°C

Power supply:                                       single phase 220V±10%  50 ±1Hz ( ≤500W)

                                                 3 phase 4 lines   380±10% ( ≥500W)

Cooling:                                                forced air


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