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UHF 100W ~ 500W Digital TV Transmitter

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1.      Supporting DTMB, CMMB, DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, Media –FLO, ATSC, ISDB etc.

2.      LDMOS fets, high linearity and efficiency.

3.      Desktop or 19” rack-mount.

4.      One-click ON/OFF, unmanned operation is available.

5.      Low noise fan, high –efficiency cooling system.

6.      Excellent digital baseband precorrection function.

7.      Embedded MCU, available for remote control and telemetering.


Technical specifications:


TV standard:                                         according with digital standard

Working frequency:                              Any appointed UHF channel

Bandwidth:                                            6MHz/7MHz/8MHz

Frequency stability:                              with GPS 1*10-9 / without GPS 1*10-7

Frequency precision:                             1Hz step

Input code stream:                                DVB/MPEG-2 or H.264

Input interface :                                           ASI 75ohm BNC

GPS frequency reference input:          10MHz BNC 50ohm

DGPS time reference input:                  1pps  BNC TTL

RF output load impedance  :              50ohm

Reflective loss:                                       Normal operation   ≤-32dB    

Allowable operation: ≤ -20dB

Output power:                                       100W-500W

Secondary harmonic :                           better than -60db

Should level:                                         better than -36dB

Harmonic emission:                               better than -60dB

In-band fluctuation;                               ≤±0.5dB

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