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About STD

Shanghai Teng Guang Broadcasting Equipment Co., LtD.


STD has specialized in manufacturing and designing broadcasting equipment for more than 35 years. Certified by international quality systems such as ISO9001. The products are trusted by customers for their high cost-performance. As a member of China Radio and Television Equipment Industrial Association, STD is one of the most famous factories in this area in China.

 In the recent years, STD pays special attention to the new product development, application with the latest technology. We're extremely proud of our work ethic that puts a premium on quality and value. Our products have been exported to more than 60 countries in Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Oceania and Europe, such as Australia、New Zealand, America, Canada, Chile, Peru, France, Ireland, Belgium, South Africa, Zambia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Uganda, Vietnam, Indonesia , Fiji, Laos, Philippine and so on. We have also accepted lots of UNESCO’s projects.

 Now, STD has a wide range of products including the following:

1.             FM stereo/mono transmitters: 10W ~ 10KW.

2.             VHF / UHF TV transmitters: 3W ~ 20KW. 

3.             AM transmitter: 1KW ~ 100KW

4.             FM antennas / TV antennas

5.            Digital Microwave equipment, STL

6.             Matching equipment: coaxial cables, rigid lines (including elbow, bullets, coupling kits etc.), antenna switches, connectors, adapters, FM and TV combiner, dummy loads, etc.

We warmly welcome any inquiry on our products and would like to extend our appreciation for your business and support!

Shanghai Teng Guang Broadcasting Equipment Co., Ltd.
Add: West 3/F, Bldg.12, No.3199 Zhenbei Road,Shanghai 200331, China